Suffering For My Art – The Tale of a DIY Project

Location is key when planning an event. As a planner – and even as a client, countless hours of scouting venues can be spent before finding “THE PLACE”. Many factors come into play when selecting the perfect spot for your event like budget, location, capacity, whether its style and décor fits your theme, etc. and sometimes those venues present you with a little something we like to call “a blank canvas” (trust me, those quotation marks are very important). It is in these instances, where you must create the environment. This is where the tale begins…

When I was invited to do my very first styled shoot at a local hotel I felt like I had hit the jackpot – I was so jazzed! My mind was spinning with all the things I could do with the ballroom and courtyard that I had toured. To my surprise however; I was told that the property wanted to showcase a totally different area with a wonderful view. Now, I must admit that my initial reaction was not agreeable but, I love a good challenge and this was my first styled photo shoot!! I had to rise to the occasion.

"Blank Canvas"
The “Blank Canvas”


So, after much thought I realized that what I needed was a really great backdrop. I searched the valley over and found three of these beauties at Inspired Environments.

Try not to focus on my messy garage, please.
Try not to focus on my messy garage, please.


I thought I was home free until my florist girlfriend explained to me that I hadn’t solved my problem at all because the backdrops were see through – she is so smart (she really busted my bubble, though)! So we brainstormed a few ideas, then went shopping for supplies after deciding on a string art installation, and bought a TON of yarn. I felt like I was ready to do this thing! Then she went home and I got to work. Guess what? It was a complete fail! Back to the drawing board…

Take two:  I decided to trace out the shapes on cardboard, cut them out and wrap them with the yarn that I was going to use for the string art installation.  So, I went to the local grocery store and begged for some cardboard boxes (acquiring empty boxes at the grocery store is harder than you think…), came home, traced all the shapes, and cut them out using an exacto knife. This alone was an arduous task due to the fact that each shape on all three backdrops was different. Ugh!!

Well, wrapping and gluing yard to the cardboard pieces was a great big fail, too – and messy! Ugh again!!! So, my artist son suggested that we paint the cardboard pieces instead. So, I went back to the store and begged for more boxes, re-traced and cut out more shapes and eventually started spray painting (I returned the TON of yarn and used the money to buy a TON of spray paint).

My son spraying away...
My son spraying away…


Waiting to dry – and naptime!


Thank God for my son!! We went to the store too many times, broke a few exacto knives, spent too much money on spray paint, almost gassed ourselves out of the garage, got up early and went to bed late every day for a week, and had several “heated discussions” about how to properly execute this project and why nothing I do is simple. We were still finishing up in the wee hours of the morning on the day of the photo shoot!! It was a struggle and I questioned how I got myself into this mess daily but, as you can see – the end result was definitely worth it!


Photo by Steph Wahlig


This colorful, bold piece of art made me proud. The canvas wasn’t going to be blank for very long! Stay tuned for images from the photo shoot.

– Melanie

Donuts Galore

It’s National Donut Day!  I must admit that I have celebrated at least half a dozen times today already!  These guilty pleasures are no longer just for the morning anymore.  Donuts are growing in popularity as a wedding cake alternative.  From donuts to donut holes – there are so many fun ways to showcase these sweet treats at your celebration.

They can be put on your cake, stacked in the form of a tower, used on the escort card table to show guests to their seats, served during cocktail hour or as a late night snack, added to your dessert bar, or sent home with guests as favors.  For a greater “wow factor”, creating a donut bar will make a fantastic focal point for your celebration.

You can contact your local donut shop for delivery and set-up but, if you’re a foodie like me you might consider surprising your guests and have the donut shop pull up at your event.  Bites Donuts Arizona, Oh So Good Donuts, and Churro Thief are a few local food trucks that would be a perfect choice.

donut 22

donuts 1

donut 4

donut 17





































Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man but, with all of the flower, linen, color choices, coordinating, details and dress chat – let’s face, the groom can get lost in the shuffle.  Not on this blog.  I plan to dedicate regular posting time to the men we love with a focus on fashion, accessories, gifts, and tips that your groom will love.  Stay tuned for more guy talk…





Hello world!

I’m so excited to finally launch and get to work!  It’s been nearly two years since I made the decision to stop doing business as Kiss The Bride and re-brand.  Even though the circumstances of life delayed my plans for a time – by faith, my vision is finally being realized.  My testimony is to never give up.  Whatever dreams or goals you have inside of you will come to fruition if you just believe, be patient, and keep at it.  I can hardly wait to get reacquainted with my peers, meet new vendors, design more beautiful events, and help more happy couples walk down the aisle.

I’m GRATEFUL for this opportunity and for all those who encouraged me along the way.  A very special thank you to Golden Fox Design for my new website and brand materials, Stacey Morgan of makeuplounge_az for making me photo shoot gorgeous, and Keith & Melissa Photographers for my headshots.


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